Our goal is to provide skilled professionals to work on projects in the welding industry. Thanks to the professional management team who have theoretical and practical knowledge based on long-term professional experience, we match the right people to the tasks ordered by customers in all industry branches.
All our professionals have relevant certificates and licences to perform work in accordance with PN-EN 9606-1, which are regularly updated by such accredited entities as: the Welding Institute in Gliwice or TUV SUD, and work safety management system certificates; therefore, our employees can perform welding work throughout the European Union. Because we cooperate with companies that carry out vocational training, we are flexible in adapting to customer needs by improving skills of our employees.

Our activity in the welding industry includes:

  • provision of small-scale structural steelwork
  • provision of large-scale structural steelwork
  • welding work in all techniques and methods in ccordance with PN-EN ISO 9606:
    • o 111 method – manual metal arc welding – MMA
    • o 131 method – metal inert gas welding – MIG
    • o 135 method – metal active gas welding – MAG
    • o 136 method – flux-cored arc welding – FCAW
    • o 141 method – tungsten inert gas welding – TIG
    • o 311 method – oxy-acetylene welding – OAW
    • o 912 method – torch brazing – TB
    • o 916 method – induction brazing – IB


Our drivers are assigned to partner companies in the Netherlands where transport services are provided using the local fleet. We cooperate with many Dutch companies and we have a team of 200 drivers.
The working system is always discussed individually with each partner in order to meet requirements and delivery schedule for the optimum use of the transport fleet. All our drivers have extensive experience in international transport. All transport units are regularly supported by the Traffic Control Office.

As part of outsourcing services, we offer personnel employed under permanent contracts secured by European insurance; thus, our customers do not incur any additional costs related to the services rendered to them. We provide our customers with highly specialised managers that are fluent in German and deal with the optimisation of working time and training of drivers.

Cooperation with us increases competitiveness in every aspect of business.

Thanks to us, our partners:
  • • reduce personnel and other costs,
  • take the full advantage of the transport fleet,
  • gain flexibility in executing orders.


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